Olive oil is a very important edible oil with a wide range of uses and benefits.

1, Status: Olive oil is widely planted and used in the Mediterranean coastal regions, especially in European countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece. Olive oil also holds an important position in the food culture of countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia.

2, Uses: Olive oil is widely used for cooking and seasoning, such as stir-frying, frying fish, roasting meat, making salad dressing and dipping sauces. In addition, olive oil is also used for skin care and medical care, such as skincare, massage, and medicinal food.

3, Packaging: Olive oil has various packaging methods, including glass bottles, plastic bottles, and cans. Dark glass bottles are the main form of olive oil packaging because olive oil has special requirements for avoiding light, and it can maintain the freshness and quality of the oil. Glass bottles are also suitable for high-end consumer markets. Plastic bottles and cans are suitable for large-scale production and export, and are more suitable for some low-end consumer markets.

4, Production and consumption: According to the International Olive Council, the global annual production of olive oil is about 360,000 tons, and Spain, Italy, and Greece are the main producers of olive oil in the world. In terms of consumption, Europe is the largest olive oil consumption market in the world, accounting for more than 70% of global consumption. The United States, Canada, Japan, and other countries are also important olive oil consumption markets. As people’s demand for healthy food increases, the use of olive oil is also increasing year by year.

In summary, olive oil is a very important edible oil with a wide range of uses and benefits in foreign countries. Its packaging methods are diverse, and its production and consumption are increasing year by year. Especially in Europe and other regions, olive oil has become an indispensable part of people’s food culture.

Regarding the use of liquor bottles for packaging olive oil, there are some difficulties and methods that need to be overcome:

First, the advantages of liquor bottles: Liquor bottles have the advantages of being not easily broken, oxidation-resistant, and having good sealing properties. Only changing the color of the liquor bottle to make it light-shielding can make these advantages also applicable to packaging olive oil. At the same time, if frosted liquor bottles are used, they can better protect the quality and taste of olive oil.

Second, some of our partners have already tried to use liquor bottles for packaging olive oil and have achieved some results. In order to provide customers with more innovative packaging, we are willing to provide some samples for customers to try packaging olive oil and to experience the quality and effectiveness of the bottles themselves.

Third, Cost advantage: Conventional olive oil bottles are mostly dark green or brown bottles. The minimum order quantity for these bottles is generally between 300,000 and 1 million, and the mold cost is also quite high. Compared to these specialized olive oil bottles, liquor bottles have lower costs, lower minimum order quantities (at least 6,000 can be customized), and lower mold costs. Therefore, using liquor bottles for packaging olive oil can reduce costs and increase profits.

Fourth, In order to make their products more competitive, some customers have abandoned the original packaging form of olive oil and gradually moved away from the traditional dark green bottles. Some of our customers have personalized their products by silk-screening, spray painting various colors on the glass bottle, and customizing labels, making their products stand out among many competing products.

Fifth, Below are some product displays from our customers, which we hope can give you better inspiration and help you create better products and have a better market. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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