After long-term use, glass bottles will accumulate a lot of bacteria. If they are constantly used to hold drink bottles and drink water, it will have some impact on health. Moreover, regular cleaning can also remove bacteria and impurities, prolong the service life of glass bottles and maintain their beauty.

1. Find some fine sand, put it into the bottle, add an appropriate amount of water, shake the honey bottle in the bottle to form a vortex, and then rinse it. The method is practical, simple, and the effect is excellent.
2. Pour a little vinegar into the bottle and shake the bottle to make the vinegar form a vortex. Shake it back and forth several times, and then clean the jam bottle. First, sort out two environmentally friendly and practical ones, and then notify everyone if you find a better one.
3. You can use potato peel, which contains starch, to remove slight oil stains. When the glass is full of dirt, you might as well put the potato storage tank into silk stockings. First coat the glass evenly on the glass, and then wipe it dry with a wet cloth.
4. Wipe the glass with warm water, use hot air to help remove dirt, or soak lemon in warm water slightly, and use lemon warm water to brighten the glass.

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