Originally founded as Jiangsu Glass Bottle over 17+ years ago, Liquor Bottle Packaging International continues to lead the market in innovation. QLT glass continues to lead the market in true Specialty Brand development today.

The Glass Packaging World, Imagined Differently

We are located in Xuzhou where is not far away from Shanghai. Our company is specialized in the export and solution customization service for glass packaging products. We have exported lots of glass products, ranged from 1ml nail polish bottles to 10L wine bottles. However, we are more skilled in providing glass packaging solutions for your company. We are the senior experts in this industry. With the enthusiasm to glass bottles, the determination about environmental protection business, our company has cultivated batches of employees with strong sense of identity for glass bottles. Meanwhile, following the steps of times, we consistently improve technology. You can see our exquisite skills and consistent updating innovations in our communications. Our innovation, design and project management would make your initial ideas to come into true. According to your requirements, we will adjust color matching, appearance and design. The differentiated packaging would make your product with more unique design and higher value.

Our company name is QLT glass.
QLT is the abbreviation of quality, stating our determination and attitude to product quality.
All of our products would be supervised strictly for quality, and we adopt two ways of machine and manual to select at the same time.
The machine will automatically selects the products that meeting the requirements.
And manual personnel will carry out the double check before and after each procedure.
The inspection items include production raw material, mode, temperature, weight, diameter, height, the sealing of bottle opening and cover, the number of packaging, outer packaging and so on.

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With the rich glass bottle manufacturing experience for more than 20 years, we have unique professional knowledge in product innovative design.
Meanwhile, factory is available for providing customization service with high quality, plus our strict quality inspection, which help us build our own identity and reputation in this glass packaging field.

QLT glass will optimize solutions in accordance with your product strategy to improve the recognition value of product, display the extraordinary quality, enthusiasm and participation of product.
This is the essence of our professional technical services.

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