Cracks: Cracks in glass bottles are a widespread defect in glass wine bottles. Some are so tiny that they require special equipment to find them. This kind of problem often occurs at the bottle mouth and bottle shoulder. Cracks on glass wine bottles will cause poor product sealing, affect product shelf life and taste, and even cause problems such as liquid leakage. Therefore, cracks will cause harm to glass wine bottles and products.

Uneven thickness of the bottle body: This mainly refers to the uneven distribution of glass inside the glass wine bottle. This situation generally occurs because the temperature of the glass gob is uneven and the temperature is relatively high, the fluidity is large, and it is easy to be blown thin. In areas with lower temperature, the frictional resistance is large, and the glass liquid is viscous and is not easy to be blown thin, so there is a difference in thickness. If the temperature of the mold is uneven, the glass on the side with high temperature cools slowly, it is very easy to be blown thin; while the side with low temperature, because the cooling speed is faster, it is very easy to be blown thick, so this The technology is not easy to grasp, and it is a test of the quality of the mold and the experience and skills of the engineer.

If the pure grain wine glass bottle is produced, the temperature of the gob also plays a certain role. If the temperature is too high, the glass wine bottle released from the forming mold has not been completely set, and it will generally collapse and deform. . If the temperature is high, after the bottle is demanded, the temperature of the bottom of the bottle is still high, and the bottom of the glass bottle will be softer, and it is very easy to print the lines of the conveyor belt, so that the bottom of the bottle is not flat.

If the pure grain wine glass bottle is deformed in the production process, then the glass wine bottle must be made again. So for the defects of pure grain wine glass bottles, our factory has the following methods to deal with this situation. First, improve the production process. The introduction of more advanced equipment, while improving the process, increased production capacity. Second, 12 engineers who have been engaged in this industry for many years have been hired to completely solve the quality problem of glass bottles. Third, the implementation standards for the quality inspection of glass bottles are clearly put forward. We believe that careful and meticulous production technology, sound inspection methods, and scientific management regulations will definitely avoid deviations in production and produce more and better products.

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