Glass bottle , Glass Storage, and other Glass Packaging has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance and cleaning resistance. It can be sterilized at high temperature and stored at low temperature, and has very reliable chemical stability. It has been used in food, beverage, cosmetics, medicine and other fields
The difference of bottle shape design of glass wine bottle; Lack of characteristics and characteristics is a common problem of most products in the market. In the process of market circulation, there is an obvious lack of product characteristics and differentiation, resulting in consumers’ lack of awareness of products and brands. How to quickly attract consumers’ attention to your products on the shelf is one of the factors that products must have.

We have three production units dedicated to decoration, which manage all of our finishing operations.

The list of services we offer is huge and non-exhaustive: screen printing (enamel, organic, precious metals), pad printing, decal printing, satin finishing, sandblasting, setting various accessories and saver coat spray coating, which involves coloring and satin-finishing the glass using a patented organic process, etc.


Silk screen printing glass bottle

A process that enables enamels to be printed onto bottles using a screen. The production resources are automated.

The decorable surfaces must generally be developable.

Key advantages of enamel screen printing :

Access to a very wide range of colors
Good decoration durability
Highly flexible decoration

ACID-ETCHING for Glass Bottle

frosted glass bottle
This gives glass a dull or frosted effect and changes its texture. It is achieved by soaking in a bath of nascent hydrofluoric acid. The satin-finishing can be either full or partial, through application of a mask before the satin-finishing process.
Key advantages :
  • Homogenous appearance
  • Unalterable rendering (stable over time)
  • Multi-colour screen printing possible

ELECTROPLATE for Glass Bottle

electroplate glass bottle
This technology allows to create an upmarket package with an individual look. The glass is transformed into metal thanks to a fine metallic coating applied either totally or partially. Resulting in either a brilliant or matte aspect, in a myriad of metallic colors.
Key Advantages :
  • Very shiny effect.
  • Wide range of colors.

Decal for Glass Bottle

Decal glass bottle

Decals are images generally made up of several colors, in enamel or precious metals. They are produced by flat screen printing. They are laid by hand, after soaking in water, or automatically by transferring the image using a silicon pad. They enable those areas to be reached that cannot be screen printed in multiple colors, for which a greater tracking precision is required.

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