What aspects affect the price of glass bottles? The price of glass bottles is not static, because it is divided into different sizes and materials, even the same product, because of the different materials, the price is also different, so the price of glass bottles is different. So, what actually makes the decision? The QLT glass manufacturers in Jiangsu Province will explain it!

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  1. Different materials and sizes, different prices

For example, the common materials of spirit bottles are divided into high white, crystal white, ordinary white, and milky white bottles, amber and cobalt blue. Different wines use different wine bottles. For example, spirits use fully transparent glass bottles, some wines such as Moutai use milky white wine bottles, red wine and wine use dark green glass bottles, and beer bottles often use amber, cobalt blue and so on. In reality, it is applied in accordance with actual requirements and regulations, and produced according to the specific requirements and application specifications of customers, to ensure that glass bottles can fully present certain characteristics and characteristics, and bring better sales and brand awareness to the products.

  1. The types of bottle stoppers are different, and the prices are different

Many people will question, how can a small bottle stopper, no matter how small and light, affect the price? The answer is no doubt. Bottle stoppers are classified by material, namely plastic bottle caps, laminated glass caps, aluminum caps and aluminum-plastic fusion caps. Plastic bottle caps are divided into three groups of caps, five groups and seven groups according to their structure. According to the processing technology, they are divided into casting, spraying, electroplating, UV, water plating, etc.; The glass cover is divided into solid core laminated glass cover and hollow laminated glass cover. Different bottle stopper materials and production prices are different, the airtightness is also different, the cost is different, and the finished products will naturally be different.

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  1. The quality of glass bottles is different and the price is different

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, which includes the material, thickness, refractive index, thermal stress, durability and other index values of the glass. The quality of raw materials, quality control of finished products, durability, and production specifications are different, and the quality of manufactured glass bottles will be different.

  1. The total number of purchases is different, and the price is different

It is self-evident that if dozens of glass bottles are produced, it will consume a lot of manpower and material resources, plus the cost of express delivery, the price will naturally be high. But if you buy tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of glass bottles at one time, the price will be very low, which is equal to the relationship between wholesale and retail. For companies with a large amount of purchases, there are generally additional special rebates and long-term cooperation has been maintained.

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  1. Different manufacturers have different prices

Different glass bottle manufacturers use different machines and equipment, production processes, design methods, etc., and the price of goods is also different. When choosing a glass bottle manufacturer, don’t look at what the manufacturer said, and see if the manufacturer has many customer cooperation cases, whether it has third-party certification, and whether it can meet your needs with high quality. Some manufacturers will be marketing, and some manufacturers are more pragmatic, and can better make products and quality.

The above are several factors that affect the price of glass bottles. Our QLT Glass will adhere to the principle of high quality and low price, and put product quality and customer interests first. We have been adhering to this principle for more than seventeen years, which is why we can stand out from the competition.

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