Glass spirit bottles are a relatively common and environmentally friendly special packaging tool. Glass spirit bottle production and manufacturing industrial bases generally have different specifications and models such as red spirit bottles, white spirit bottles, and storage tanks. Today, the QLT glass factory network editor will share with you. Let’s simply share the characteristics of related spirit bottles and the detailed introduction of related packaging, let’s take a look down together.

The characteristics of glass spirit bottles are introduced in detail

The raw materials generally used for glass bottles are pure natural iron ore, artificial quartz stone, sodium hydroxide and dolomite. According to the specific product, adjust the corresponding proportion, and reduce the product cost as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the quality, so as to ensure that the price of the product is very competitive in the market. In the whole production process of glass bottles, it has high compatibility and corrosion resistance, and it is not easy to change the characteristics of raw materials when it comes into contact with most chemicals.


The glass bottle itself is non-toxic, odorless, completely transparent, beautiful, good barrier, poor ventilation, rich in raw materials, and cheap. And it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, pressure resistance and cleaning resistance. During the whole process of application, it can be sterilized at high temperature or stored at ultra-low temperature. It is an excellent packaging method for food and beverage storage and retail.

Glass Bottle Packaging

Packing bags. Pack in a suitable bag according to the size of the bottle. The advantage of this packaging method is to ensure that the glass bottles do not rub against each other, thereby ensuring that the walls of the glass bottles are smooth and transparent. The disadvantage is that it is fragile. The way to solve this problem is to use bubble bag packaging, which will greatly ensure the safety of the product and is not easy to break.

Packing carton. According to the needs of customers, the glass bottles are packed into customized cartons in a certain quantity. Marks, logos and other information can be printed on the outside of the carton. The advantage of carton packaging is that it has a high safety factor. In the past ten years of export trade, the overall broken rate of glass bottles packaged in carton boxes will not exceed 2%. Even so, we will still be responsible for the broken parts, and after-sales processing is also one of our services. Some manufacturers like carton packaging very much, which is stackable, easy to carry, dustproof, and more clear in inventory.

After understanding the above content, do you have any new acquisitions? I hope that the sharing of today’s web editor can help you to further master the characteristics and packaging methods of glass spirit bottles, and look forward to having certain practical value for you in the future.

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