We have produced several crosses on bottles. The specific pictures and parameters are as follows.

It’s very simple to print your logo on the glass bottle. Just send us your logo file, and then select the bottle you want. Generally, within 5 minutes, we will give you a preliminary pattern to confirm the size and position of the logo on the bottle
After you confirm the size and location of the logo, we will take 1-2 days to produce samples in the factory Then you can send physical pictures to you or mail them to you Of course, all this is free. You only need to pay the express fee to you

If you need your logo or pattern to be highlighted on the bottle, you need to customize the mold for your proprietary bottle
In the first step, you need to provide the logo or pattern on the design bottle
Second, we will confirm the size and position of the logo or pattern with you,
Third, we will open a set of molds, then produce samples, and then mail them to you
When you confirm the sample quality, logo or pattern size and location, you can then mass produce
The mould will wear out in every production Regular maintenance is also required after production We’ll pay for these.

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