Glass has been widely used in modern times and has always been a product in great market demand. By using specific treatment methods, we can not only give full play to the characteristics of glass, but also make up for its defects, which are no longer subject to the natural properties of glass. The uniquely designed wine bottle will also directly upgrade your product, create better value and sell at a better price. Mastering the process and choosing a good supplier will save you more time and money
A good process includes inquiry, mould, sample, packaging, warehousing and logistics, and after-sales service. Most buyers only pay attention to price, quality and delivery time. Good warehousing and logistics services can help you save more costs. High quality after-sales services can help you save more time and energy. The following is the glass bottle purchase process and precautions.

1, If you need to customize a glass bottle, you need to determine the shape and capacity of the bottle, and then send an inquiry the supplier will help you calculate the approximate weight of your product Price differences are also here. Within a certain range, the heavier the product, the better the quality the lighter the product, the greater the chance of damage For example, a beer bottle needs to bear certain pressure when it is canned. If the bottle is light, it will not bear the pressure it should have. In a good case, it will break when it is canned. In a worse case, it will break when the customer buys the home. This will be a very dangerous thing Other bottles are similar If you blindly pursue low prices, there will be many after-sales problems to be solved when receiving goods, wasting more time and energy Our company promises that within a certain period of time, it will not frequently increase the prices of customers because of fluctuations in raw materials and exchange rates It will not reduce the product quality because of the price. These two points are beyond the reach of 90% of suppliers If you have any products that need inquiry, please contact us.

Glass bottle mould

2. Make mold According to the weight you need, make the corresponding product mold If the delivery time is relatively loose, only two sets of molds need to be made for quantities less than 50000, one of which is reserved for standby. Some suppliers will require the production of multiple sets of molds, and some suppliers will put forward various reasons during the third or later production, saying that the molds are damaged, and require the production of new molds. This is a large expenditure We promise that you only need to pay the mould fee once Our company will bear all the expenses for the maintenance of the mould, even if it is damaged later.

Glass bottle QC

3. Modify the drawing or logo. There are no cost traps, but there are time traps Some small companies do not have their own designers, and the modification of some designs needs the support of professional design companies It will take a long time to wait Even some factories do not have their own design departments We have our own designers, who can adjust the documents timely and accurately according to the different needs of customers, so as to save your time and communication costs.

Glass bottle design drawing

Production samples It takes 2-3 hours to produce one During this period, it is necessary to continuously debug the mold in the working environment of 50 ℃ to ensure that the produced bottles will not have any defects. The shorter the proofing time is, the temperature of the mold does not meet the standard for bulk goods. In this way, the greater the difference between the sample and bulk goods, and the worse the appearance will be, thus affecting your judgment of the product. The general factory produces only 35 samples, some even less. Our factory workers are more hardworking and can sample more. If you need testing, we can produce 20, 30 or more samples for you.

5. Cover, packaging Now the shipping cost is very high. There are many ways of packing. We will provide various kinds of packing according to your needs No extra charge for packing. At the same time, we will calculate which packaging method can put more glass bottles in the container for you Reduce costs.

cork for liquor bottle

6. Warehousing and logistics If you are importing for the first time, you must take good care of this article.
7. After sales service We have been engaged in the glass bottle industry for more than 17 years, because we are professional and serious, and there are almost no after-sales problems However, the common after-sales problems in our industry are as follows
A. The sample quality is different from the bulk quality
B. Irregular price increase of products, especially after payment of deposit;
C. Customized product logo location, color and other issues
D. Poor sealing of plug
E. Unreasonable packaging leads to dissatisfaction of containers and waste of ocean freight
F. For a series of logistics problems, please contacts us
G. After the final payment, the supplier disappears or does not respond, and does not solve the problem

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