The essential factors in designing the shape of glass bottles are as follows. Glass bottle packaging is mainly used in the fields of food, beverages, cosmetics, and medicine. Among them, the wine packaging market is the main battlefield for glass bottles. Glass bottle manufacturers in China, from Linzhou in Henan to Yuncheng in Shandong, and from Xuzhou in Jiangsu to Longchang in Sichuan, have their own production bases concentrated in these regions. This has also spawned a group of supporting enterprises for glass wine bottles. We can see that from wine bottles to liquor bottles and beer bottles, glass bottles occupy an absolute dominant position in the wine bottle market. In the cosmetics and medicine bottle market, glass bottles rely on their advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and washability. They can be sterilized at high temperatures and stored at low temperatures, and occupy a position that cannot be replaced by other wine bottle packaging manufacturers.

  1. Differentiated design of glass wine bottle shapes; the lack of characteristics and special features is a common problem for most products in the market. There is a significant lack of product characteristics and differentiation in the market flow process, which leads to consumers’ lack of awareness of the product and brand. One of the essential factors that a product must have is how to quickly attract consumers’ attention on the shelves.
  2. The brand temperament of the glass wine bottle shape; the temperament conveyed by the bottle shape design should be consistent with the brand. Brand awareness is accumulated during a long marketing process, and each product needs to be consistent with the overall temperament concept of the brand to establish a holistic impression of the brand in consumers’ minds. There are many ways for wine bottles to add their characteristics, such as spray painting, screen printing, stickers, carving, frosting, electroplating, etc.
500ml bottle

Coloring process:

  1. Anodizing: The appearance of the aluminum is wrapped in a layer of film on the inner layer of the plastic.
  2. Electroplating (UV): The effect is brighter than spray painting.
  3. Spray painting: The color is darker than electroplating.
    Internal bottle external spray: Spray on the outside of the inner bottle, and there is an obvious gap between the outer bottle from the appearance. The spray area is small when viewed from the side.
    External bottle internal spray: Spray on the inside of the outer bottle. The area is large when viewed from the appearance, small when viewed from the vertical plane, and there is no gap between the inner bottle.
  4. Drawing gold and silver: It is actually a film, and the joint gap can be found on the bottle body by careful observation.
  5. Secondary oxidation: Secondary oxidation is performed on the original oxidation layer to achieve a pattern of a smooth surface with a matte surface or a pattern of a matte surface with a smooth surface. It is mostly used for making logos.
  6. Injection color: Add color powder to the raw material during product injection, and the process is relatively cheap. Pearl powder can also be added. Adding talcum powder will make PET transparent color become opaque.
700ml bottle

Printing process:

  1. Screen printing: High-temperature ink screen printing is not easy to fade, and the color is darker. It is difficult to achieve a purple tone. Low-temperature ink screen printing has a brighter color, and the ink requirements are higher; otherwise, it is easy to fall off, and attention should be paid to bottle disinfection.
  2. Hot stamping: A thin layer of paper is hot stamped on it, so there is no concave-convex feeling of screen printing.
  3. Water transfer printing: It is an irregular printing process carried out in water, and the printed patterns are inconsistent, and the price is higher.
  4. Heat transfer printing: Heat transfer printing is mostly used for products with large quantities and complex printing. It is a layer of film attached to the surface, and the price is relatively expensive.
  5. Offset printing: Mostly used for aluminum-plastic tubes and all-plastic tubes. If offset printing is used to make white-colored tubes, screen printing must be used. The underlying color may show through the offset printing, and sometimes a bright film or matte film is attached to the surface of the soft tube.
  6. The glass wine bottle shape design needs to conform to ergonomics; whether it can meet people’s daily habits when placed and poured wine, and whether it is easy to pick up and put down. It is not blindly pursuing a unique shape without considering whether it is convenient to use.
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