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Our team will solve any problems on imported glass bottles for you and help you save time.

17+ years experience in glass products

We are located in Xuzhou where is not far away from Shanghai.

Our company is specialized in the export and solution customization service for glass packaging products.

We have exported lots of glass products, ranged from 1ml nail polish bottles to 10L wine bottles.

Custom Glass Packaging Service

The best custom bottle manufacturers will easily turn your ideas into packaging.

Self-Owned Bottle Glass Factory

In our modern glass bottle factory, it helps to improve the quality of our orders, reduce costs, deliver on time and save time.

Free Glass Bottle Sample

Our sample room has more than 1,500 wine bottles of different shapes and capacities, and more than 1,000 caps and accessories of different sizes.We will easily find the bottle you need and provide free samples.

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