Glass bottles are very common and convenient to use in today’s society. The processing principle of glass bottles is also very simple. Heating can soften the glass and blow it to shape. Like sand, glass is essentially silicon dioxide, which is not harmful to the environment and can be recycled. The glass surface is smooth, you can print your own logo, you can laser engrave your favorite pattern, you can spray it in the color you need, and everything can be customized. The glass has high hardness, very stable physical properties, and is very easy to clean.

The price gap of glass products lies in the production process and product weight. The production process of some manufacturers is relatively backward, and there is no special quality inspector, resulting in some small bubbles inside the product, or uneven edges, uneven thickness and other shortcomings. . This disadvantage is sold as a good product without quality control steps, so some suppliers’ prices will appear to be low. These bottles are not harmful to the human body, but the bubbles on the bottle affect the aesthetics of the product, make the end consumer doubt the quality of the product, and reduce the value of the brand. We have corresponding quality control rules in each link of production to ensure product quality, make your products more personalized, and stand out among the peers.

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